Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hills Like White Elephants

Hemmingway enlightens us in this short story of how the decision making process goes hand in hand with your future happiness. As humans, we all look at a situation's positive aspects if we are considering it and sometimes forget about the negative things it could hold. The setting is vital to the story because on one side of the mountain is lush grass, life, and beauty but on the other side there is dry land, fire, and death. Jig is the main character with an uncertainty to keep her baby or not. She is simply a booty call for the American man and he has talked her into getting an abortion so that "they can be happy again" The American man obviously wants nothing to do with Jig, therefore is giving off a mentality that the abortion would be no big deal and it seems that he is trying to get her drunk so that she doesn't over think it and make the decision to keep her baby. I believe that Jig makes the choice to keep her baby to make her happy, and she did not care what the American thought. She came to a realization that to be happy she must be happy with herself and her own choices even if someone that she loves is telling her otherwise.

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  1. I agree with that the story is about decision-making.